Since Targa NL’s inception in 2002, Ezra Chaplaincy has provided the services as listed below. Event. The Rev. Dr. Edison Wiltshire, Founder of EZRA, responded to an invitation from Targa to provide the Chaplaincy component of its holistic services with an immediate adventurous yes. Edison and Marg-o are long standing classic car enthusiasts who use their cars in ministry including an exciting cross-Canada drive in a 1929 Mercedes Replicar, raising support for troubled people.


Ezra Motorsports Chaplaincy purposes to enhance the spiritual, emotional and social wellness of those involved in Motorsports.


  • To help people in the here and now of crisis and issues.
  • To provide high quality services and support to motorsport enthusiasts and their families.
  • To foster a positive connection between healthy competition and genuine concern for fellow competitors.


Working in cooperation with Motorsports organizers and management, Ezra Chaplains are committed to complementing existing services to competitors, volunteers and the communities in which racing events take place. Recognizing that every individual is a unique creation of God, Ezra Chaplains respect and protect privacy and the right to confidentiality. Ezra Chaplains respond to the spiritual elements of people’s lives, and provide on-call services. Dedicated Brochures are prepared for each event where Ezra provides Chaplaincy.

Characteristics of Motorsports Chaplains

  • Respectful of people of different faiths
  • Good social skills
  • Enjoy meeting people
  • Effective listeners
  • Willing to learn about the dynamics and workings of the various racing models
  • Team players
  • Sensitive to issues that arise in motorsport

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