Systemic Educational Approach

EZRA strives to continue Mental Health Community Outreach by providing a systemic Mental Health Education program.

The Goal

The goal is to provide formal Mental Health First Aid training and Mental Health Awareness Education throughout 2023 to individuals from all walks of life.

MHFA 12 Hour Workshop

Formal 12 hour Mental Health First Aid training workshops are available with Certification by the through the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Mental Health 3 Hour Awareness Sessions

Mental Health Awareness Sessions 3 hours in length and providing an excellent overview of Mental health Issues.

Target Groups Include

  • Schools Churches
  • Colleges Clergy
  • Businesses Youth Groups
  • Ministerial Unions
  • Correctional Institutions Firemen
  • 50+ Clubs First Responders
  • Churches
  • Clergy
  • Youth Groups
  • Unions
  • Firemen
  • First Responders


Many of the individuals and families who will benefit through Mental Health Education cannot afford the cost. EZRA will seek financial support through Government, School Boards, Churches and the Business Community so that no one who desires this training will be deprived of an opportunity to receive it.

EZRA Community Chaplaincy is committed to providing Mental Health Outreach and training on the Clarenville and Bonavista Peninsulas.