• Telephone Support – for individuals and families facing mental heath issues.
  • Home Visitation – offering family support in non-judgmental listening, grief counselling and support in mental health issues.
  • Hospital Visitation – to individuals dealing with a mental health crisis and admitted to hospital.
  • Referral – to other professionals as appropriate.
  • Information Sharing – offering a cataougue of all available services in the area.
  • Mental Health First Aid Workshops – “Certified” with Mental Health Commission of Canada.
  • Chaplaincy Stand-by – responding to emergencies and urgent needs.
Stand by me

“Everyone needs a Rock some times in their lives.”

EZRA Chaplains and Approved Volunteers, through their mental health outreach services, help provide stability, encouragement and reinforcement to individuals and families in need of emotional support.

EZRA is a non-denominational community service which reaches out to people to help nurture their spiritual and emotional condition.

Through deep connection and supportive relationships, EZRA helpers aim to improve overall health and wellbeing and strive to alleviate the stress faced by individuals, families and communities struggling with Mental Health issues.

For more details, please click the following link: Brochure – Mental Health Outreach

EZRA Community Chaplaincy is committed to providing Mental Health Outreach and training on the Clarenville and Bonavista Peninsulas.