Learn more about the range of workshops offered by EZRA Chaplaincy. These services can help everyone from church leaders to general industry workers.

Self-Care Workshops

Learn more about how EZRA’s workshops can help you improve your life. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult in a career, our workshops are eye-opening and uplifting.

Couple-Care Workshops

The variety of couple care workshops offered by EZRA will help you work through times of conflict with your partner, as well as help enrich the positive qualities of your relationship.

Corporate Training

EZRA’s corporate training workshop will help you maximize your efficiency and put yourself on a path towards career success and enhanced interpersonal relationships.


EZRA offers One-Hour to Three-Hour Sessions. In each of these sessions, participants will explore the profile of a chaplain in a number of different environments.

Church Team Building

These lively and interactive workshop sessions may run from three hours to two days and offer tips and guidelines to develop Volunteer Strategies.

How We’re Making a Difference

Each year, we work with thousands of people and help counsel them through personal and professional concerns. Read more about the difference we’re making.

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