Targa Newfoundland has expressed pleasure in having the services of EZRA Chaplaincy. Edison Wiltshire joined the Targa team as Chaplain at Targa’s inaugural event and soon came to be known in the sport as “the faster pastor.” He & his wife, Marg-o, are Targa pioneers and have run as a team in every past event.

Chaplaincy services have included ministry to participants facing family crisis at home and hospital visitation to those who ran out of talent during the event. In this area Edison & Marg-o’s services, and those of their Chaplaincy Team, have been indispensable and of great assistance to the Competitor Relations Officers and to the families of the affected competitors.

The Wiltshires’ have also had many opportunities for joyful interaction with competitors, officiating at weddings, christenings, and other family activities. We welcome Edison and Marg-o and their Chaplaincy Team to Targa. Chaplaincy services are an important part of our commitment to holistic services to our competitors, officials and spectators, and to the communities through which events travel.

This area is serviced primarily by Rev. Dr. Edison Wiltshire, with Chaplain Linda Maher, Chaplain Rick Maher, Chaplain Jerry Brinson and Chaplain Marie Stoyles serving as Ad Hoc Chaplains.