The Lead Chaplain of EZRA is a salaried position. Other chaplains may be employed on a part time or ad hoc basis. The position of Chaplain requires professional education from an acceptable Bible College or Theological School at the degree level, preferably at the Master’s level, or equivalency. Experience in mission administration is desired. Chaplains are spiritually mature, ordained or commissioned by an orthodox Christian Denomination or recognized orthodox Christian Church. In all cases, Chaplains will be commissioned by EZRA Chaplaincy Services.

Chaplains serve as EZRA’s spiritual guides. The Lead Chaplain is the administrative leader and shall exercise oversight of the various ministries in cooperation with the Board Chair. Chaplains in collaboration with each other shall prepare and implement training sessions, Bible studies and programs, which shall be in accord with the Statement of Faith.

All staff, whether paid or volunteer, shall be under the supervision of the Lead Chaplain who shall have the authority to recruit, appoint, or dismiss the same in consultation with the Board of Directors. The hiring of paid staff shall require the approval of the Board of Directors. Chaplains may be consulted for recommendations in such matters.