EZRA offers One-Hour to Three-Hour Sessions. In each of these sessions, participants will explore the profile of a chaplain in a number of different environments.

  • What is a Chaplain?

In this session, participants will walk through and discuss the similarities and differences in the ministry of a pastor and a chaplain. As highly trained professionals, this session will touch on the academic and spiritual requirements for this ministry.   Through eye-opening stories and examples, individuals will gain an understanding of the diversity of the role of chaplain in the wider community.   

  • What is the Role of the Chaplain Offshore? At Construction Sites? In the Wider Community?

This session will focus on the ministry of a Corporate Chaplain, providing confidential care in a workplace setting. This session explores the challenges, rewards, expertise and characteristics of the chaplain in this demanding environment.

  • What is the Role of the Chaplain at the St. John’s International Airport?

Similar but different to the Corporate Chaplain, this unique ministry offers its own challenges and rewards. This session will outline specific chaplain expertise and characteristics suitable for this exciting ministry with airport workers and the travelling public.