The Role of Spirituality: Living An Authentic Life; Finding True Self

Based on the book by Thomas E. Legere, Ph.D

This exciting session of exploration of self brings to the surface and helps identify primal wound experiences that serve to shape, challenge and influence personal growth and development through childhood into adulthood. This session explains Survival Personality, Ego and the role of transformation through life cycles of struggle, challenge and joy as one uncovers layers of false self in the discovery of true authentic self.

Learning to Cope with Stressful Situations

(Dealing with illness, loss, work and/or other life crisis and challenges.)

At some time or other in life, everyone is faced with loss or crisis. How one steps into these challenges makes all the difference in finding coping strategies. This session will guide participants through an engaging process of vision and insight that enables one to embrace stressful situations viewed through a new lens.

Coping with Complicated Grief and Bereavement (When grief just won’t go away)

For some people, the journey of grief and bereavement becomes almost unbearable. This may often be referred to as Complicated or Compounded grief. A very real experience for some. Having an understanding of the dynamics of this emotional rollercoaster is half the battle of getting through it. In this session, participants will feel supported and listened to as they share their stories in a safe, caring environment. Through healing activities and helping tools, this journey of love and support will enable participants to gently work through their grief at their own pace.


(Character Education Program for Teens 14-17 and Young Adults)

This Canadian education program is based out of Ontario and has proven to get teens and young adults talking about things that are important to their development as healthy, responsible members of society. State of the art DVD’s depict stories and interviews with youth that raise questions and result in engaging discussions that help build character in participants. Topics such as Honesty, Self-Worth, Love and Perseverance, to name a few, generate healthy discussions and raise questions with participants regarding their role and responsibility with their peers and in society in general. This program consists of six, two-hour sessions which incorporates engaging fun activities and current music that ties in with each themed session.

Bible Study Groups

Did you know that bible stories are adventure stories? Come and witness exciting accounts of the lives of people in the bible and their quest to seek their True God.