Healthy Sexuality and Intimacy

(Coping with the challenges of long distance relationships)

Being apart from one another in a relationship, whether it is for a day, as we go about our work and individual interests, or whether it is for weeks or months, there often is a tendency to grow apart if we are not careful and conscious of certain relationship dynamics. This course helps couples identify their own individual sexuality traits, learn the difference between sexuality and sex, thus deepening intimacy to foster healthy and happy love relationships that stand the test of time and distance!


Communications and Conflict Resolution

(Why can’t you hear what I am saying to you?)

Perception becomes our reality. Did you ever hear that before? Whether you did or did not, the focus of this course is on helping couples develop the skills of listening and speaking with each other (communicating). This does not come naturally to us as human beings. Skills are areas of expertise that takes practice, just like the skill of using a tool or playing a musical instrument! The good news is that we are able to help you, as a couple, to develop these skills to help you understand what you are saying to each other. I just heard you say, “Perfect!”