EZRA’s chaplains for the aviation industry, mainly servicing St. John’s International Airport and Cougar Helicopters. Our Airport Chaplain is Marie Stoyles; Airport Ad Hoc Chaplains are Linda Maher and Jerry Brinson. Major Marcella Hopkins is EZRA Chaplain Emerita (retired).

St. John’s International Airport

EZRA Chaplaincy is happy to provide chaplaincy services at the St. John’s International Airport. During times of need, the comforting effect that access to a quiet place of prayer provides, and the empathic ear of a chaplain, are important. A dedicated group of chaplains, clergy and trained chaplaincy volunteers assist in the provision of this service. The Airport Chapel / Quiet Room is located on the third floor of the terminal building. An airport is a busy place. Many things happen behind the scenes. There is activity around the clock and at times people need help, encouragement, and direction. Ezra Chaplaincy is concerned for travellers, and for the staff whose lives revolve around the airport. It is estimated that more than 65% of airline passengers are traveling under some type of duress. At such times, the Airport Chapel / Quiet Room provides a place of comfort and solace. Among other things, airport chaplaincy services help reunite runaway teens with their families, assist those involved with medical emergencies, counsel the depressed, and assist other professionals in crisis situations. Chaplaincy plays a major role in air disaster situations.

Cougar Helicopters

EZRA Chaplaincy is pleased to provide spiritual, emotional and social support to Cougar Helicopters staff, administrative personnel, and their families. Chaplain Marie Stoyles invites all Cougar workers to take advantage of this programme. Our EZRA prayer is that this ministry will be a source of pastoral encouragement and practical assistance to many who provide the valuable services of Cougar.