For more than 25 years, EZRA Chaplaincy has provided spiritual care to individuals, families and in workplace settings, such as the oil and gas industry, aviation, construction, and prisons.

Oil Industry

EZRA Chaplaincy is proud to offer our services to oil industry workers on the Hibernia Platform, Terra Nova FPSO, and Sea Rose FPSO.

Construction Sites

For workers in the construction industry, especially those on remote sites, EZRA is proud to offer our services. We’re currently operating at both the North Atlantic Refinery and the Bull Arm site.


EZRA Chaplaincy is happy to provide chaplaincy services at the St. John’s International Airport and for the employees and families of Cougar Helicopters.

Prison Ministry

EZRA Chaplaincy desires to provide spiritual, emotional and social support to those in conflict with the law, primarily at adult prisons and youth correctional facilities.

Auto Races & Rallying

Chaplaincy services have included ministry to participants facing family crisis at home and hospital visitation to those who ran out of talent during the event.

Youth & Families

As part of EZRA’s service to the wider community is offering outreach programming that is readily and freely available to youth, families and couples.

Chaplaincy Training

EZRA Chaplaincy strives to enhance the spiritual, emotional and social well-being of others through quality training of professionals and volunteers.

Emergency Response

EZRA’s team of chaplains and trained members are part of Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Response Teams at SJIA and with the Offshore Oil Industry in Newfoundland.

How We’re Making a Difference

Each year, we work with thousands of people and help counsel them through personal and professional concerns. Read more about the difference we’re making.

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