EZRA Chaplaincy strives to enhance the work of the Church in presenting God’s love in outreach to individuals, families and people in industry workplaces and in the wider community.

As a workplace and outreach chaplaincy service, EZRA provides diverse presence and counsel to individuals, families and groups through: cognitive behaviour therapy; temperament therapy; holistic (physical, psychosocial, and spiritual) counselling; providing prayer and worship services; officiating at funerals, weddings and other services as appropriate to complement the ministry. Spiritual and personal growth training and formation sessions are also incorporated within the ministry mandate.

The organization’s stated purpose is achieved through the provision of workplace chaplaincy services in the oil industry, at construction sites, at the St. John’s International Airport, at motorsports activities, and in other situations as need dictates. EZRA also provides chaplaincy services to at-risk youth and families, particularly with underprivileged, disadvantaged and low income individuals.  A twenty-four hour on-call emergency service is provided in all crisis situations.

These activities are carried out by EZRA’s organizational staff and members.

Fees for service to cover non-profit costs are charged for workplace chaplaincy within the oil industry, aviation and construction sites. Outreach ministry services are provided through grants and donations to the organization.