EZRA Chaplaincy is a non-denominational Christian Ministry that helps people through difficult and challenging times in their lives. EZRA’s purpose is to enhance the holistic wellbeing of people, spiritually, emotionally and socially on land, sea and air in Eastern Canada.

Our History

Learn more about the history of EZRA and the series of partnerships that we’ve formed with businesses and industries throughout the past 15+ years.

Our Mission

EZRA Chaplaincy strives to enhance the work of the Church in presenting God’s love in outreach to individuals, families, and people in workplaces and our community.

Statement of Faith and Purpose

This ministry believes people need the Lord and seeks to encourage faith in Jesus Christ. It does not advocate changes in denominational affiliation.

Code of Ethics

EZRA Chaplains and Associates are required to adhere in writing and practice to the following Code of Ethics. These practices ensure that we offer the highest quality of care possible.

How We’re Making a Difference

Each year, we work with thousands of people and help counsel them through personal and professional concerns. Read more about the difference we’re making.

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